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The doll collector will find in this category everything that concerns the world of dolls. Dolls have always occupied a privileged place in the New Year catalogues of the Parisian department stores, and a multitude of toys were linked to this little world of dolls. Each Electronic book in this category presents an aspect of the life of the doll at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th.

Dressing Tables and accessories for Antique Doll

La Belle Epoque was an important step in the liberation of women, attracted out of her home by the Parisian and provincial department stores. For the French woman, elegance has always been important and, like her, the French doll probably spent a lot of time in front of her dressing table.

This category includes 4 books devoted to the beauty of the dolls. You will find the services of toilette in earthenware or porcelain, the jewelry for dolls, the hairstyle necessaries as well as the dressing tables.

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