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What you buy

The ebook price is determined to allow the download onto a maximum of two of your devices (smartphone, tablet, computer, ...). Downloads must be completed during the 5 days next to your purchase.

Ebook Readers compatibility

Our ebooks are fully compliant with the Epub 3 standard. One of the most popular Epub 3 reader is Adobe Digital Editions, available for free on all platforms:

Another Epub reader is usually available on tablets and smartphones: Our ebooks are tested on these three applications.

Amazon Kindle devices don't support the Epub 3 standard.

Test first

A free Demonstration book is available on the web site. To download it, you will fill the standard buying process (except the payment). This demonstration ebook is similar to our other ebooks so you might use it to test your reader's compatibility.


You have two options for the payment:

Credit card payments are processed by Paypal but you don't need to open a Paypal account. Sensitive Payment data is managed by Paypal only. After a successful payment, Paypal send back your name, address and email to Belle Epoque Toys for invoicing and delivery.

Delivery - Download - Invoice

An email is sent to the email address coming from Paypal, with a link to download your ebook. Your invoice is attached to this email.

No return nor refund

Return and refund are not possible with electronic data product. A demonstration ebook is proposed for free, to allow you to overview the Christmas Toys collection and to test the compatibility with your devices and your ebook readers.

Personal data

Following user data is stored by Belle Epoque Toys:

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